Wild Paragliding

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New Zealand

To describe it briefly, the Vivo could be the only glider you’ll ever need.
Why? Perfect launch behaviour, agile handling, top performance, great speed range, lightweight construction with a well-balance material mix with product longevity in mind, absolutely forgiving and easy to fly. We’ve achieved top rating in certification testing for this category, giving you confidence for flying in all conditions.


• The Vivo is best described as an evolution wing, perfect for stepping up from an EN-A wing due to its long and forgiving brake-travel, and perfectly balanced flight characteristics that showcase strong stability and dampening – despite all this, feeling quite agile.
• For EN-B pilots: Offering top performance with a wide range of speed – an exceptionally fun wing for relaxed flying under all conditions. Due to its high passive safety, the Vivo is perfect for long and relaxed cross country flights.
• For hike&fly: lightweight construction with a durable material mix (same as known from our RISE3)