Wild Paragliding

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New Zealand

We wanted first to design a glider that would be remarkably easy to forward and reverse launch in nil wind conditions, perform in flight with exceptionally responsive toggle and wing tip steering, and land with the buoyancy and smoothness that you would expect from a paraglider wing.
RAMA Flex is designed for the active beginner pilot who has goals to continue to expand their flying experiences. The RAMA Flex bridges the separation between a true beginner wing and an intermediate performance wing.
As the name suggests the RAMA Flex uses a semi reflex platform and is truly designed for all pilot levels.


Design Aims


Performance, safety and quality in a wing for all pilot levels.
The AirDesign commitment to combine performance with comfort and manageability was key during the design of the RAMA Flex. The RAMA Flex delivers the performance to satisfy progressing skill levels, whilst keeping the inherent stability required for beginner and intermediate pilots.

Glider Description



The RAMA Flex inflates progressively without tendency to surge in stronger wind or in aggressive trike launches. In flight, the wing is responsive to brake input but without the hypersensitivity found in many performance gliders. The wing tip steering allows the pilot to make dynamic and efficient turns.
The RAMA Flex is designed with characteristic AirDesign attention to detail: Streamlined risers with no split A’s and the wing tip steering toggle, neatly tucked out of the way.
The neoprene covering on the adjustable brake handles add a level of comfort and fit for pilots having to manage flying with gloves and throttle in hand. The dual pulley system allows for low and high attachment points.
With trim tabs released the glider transitions to a semi reflex profile which increases speed and wing pressurization as the wing’s center of gravity shifts forward. This shift inherently makes the glider more stable. Careful attention to minimizing any roll and pitch tendencies during flight allows the pilot to enjoy a calm, controlled flight even in rougher weather conditions.



Butterfly colour scheme is also available


Technical Details

AREA FLAT (m²) 17.50 20.50 23.80 26.50 28.60
AREA PROJECTED (m²) 14,98 17.63 20.37 22.68 24.48
SPAN FLAT (m) 9,17 9.35 10.70 11.29 11.75
SPAN PROJECTED (m) 7,27 7.39 8.48 8.95 9.32
ASPECT RATIO FLAT 4,81 4,81 4.81 4.81 4.81
ASPECT RATIO PROJ. 3.53 3.53 3.53 3.53 3.53
CELLS 49 49 49 49 49
TOTAL LINE LENGTH 325 349 379 400 416
TOTAL LINES 124 124 124 124 124
LINE DIAMETERS 1.1/1.4/1.5/1.8
WEIGHT (kg) 4,6 5.0 5.4 5.9 6.3
V-TRIM/V-MAX (km/h) 37/57+ 37/57+ 37/57+ 37/57+ 37/57+
TAKE OFF WEIGHT (kg) 50< 60< 88-110* 108-135* 124-155*
* weight including motor      




Top Sail: Porcher Skytex 40

Bottom Sail: Dominico 30D

Ribs: Dominico 30D hard

Pulleys: RILEY RM302

Maillons: JOO TECH–Korea



Upper line : Liros DSL70

Middle line
A and B : Liros PPSL200
C and D : Liros PPSL120

Main line
A and B : Edelrid 7343-280
C and D : Edelrid 7343-190




What comes in the Box?




AirDesign AirPack
riser bag
AirDesign glider bag (Size M)
speed bar
Folder including manual (USB-stick), repair kit and AirDesign stickers