Wild Paragliding

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New Zealand

Steven Christophers

A flying and outdoor enthusiast


Why Fly wıth us?

Wild paragliding offers a more Uniqine, out of the box experence that you will never forget.

We put safety first so you can relax knowıng you are in safe hands.





Flying has been around me since I was a kid growing up, with a dad that also is addicted to flying. I have always been dreaming of getting in to the air, from RC planes, kites and homemade batman suits eventually taking flight for the first time under a frame of a rainbow  hang glider.

Paragliding has been the main passon as it has given me a way  to explore the mountians  and travel in a unique way

If im not flying you might find me out doing some other activies like kite surfing, climbing,hiking or biking.